Monday, May 14, 2007

A Communications Analogy for a Classroom

Here's a sneak peek of my expo presentation for tomorrow. It's about gaining insight into pedagogy by using an analogy to communications.

The general gist is that teachers are considered transmitters and students are considered receivers. In between, you have a lossy channel. That should make the first three pics make sense... at least a little bit.
The last slide is from our implementation of the model for simulation purposes. The waveforms on the right are the filters that the students/receivers use to decode/understand the information sent/taught by the transmitter/teacher. The transmitter/teacher is represented by a big q-mark because it/(he/she) is attempting to use the best possible filter/(pedagogical method) to encode the data.

Interestingly, best can be defined in a multitude of ways. Two examples of possible goals I'll talk about in my presentation tomorrow are (minimizing the total data loss rate)/(maximizing the class' total learning) and (minimizing the maximum individual receiver data loss rate)/(maximizing the minimum learned by any student).

G'luck parsing those sentences.

Time for bed and then expo.

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